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Align your people strategy with your business strategy. 

Today’s workplaces are struggling. As employee engagement and well-being continue to decline, burnout and loss of talented labor rise. Employees want more flexibility and opportunities to contribute—to enjoy their life at work and outside of work.

What if you had an expert by your side, working with you to streamline your systems and improve employee engagement and well-being? Businesses that focus on enhancing employee experience see their productivity and revenue improve, and we can help you get there. 

InLight Leadership Group has a proven process to transform workplaces so people can thrive.

Heather Gunnell, MPP

Founder & Principal 

  • Leadership Consulting

  • Executive Coaching

  • Team Building

  • Training Facilitator

  • Speaking Engagements

With 20 years in leading people and programs, founder and principal consultant Heather understands the urgency to build more human-centered organizations. Heather believes your organization already has the seeds necessary to get where you need to go.


InLight Leadership Group has the experience and track record to help your organization uncover that path and to foster the genius within your organization so you “get it right” more often.

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